Rare Look Inside Foxconn, Apple’s Largest Supplier In China

Did you every wonder where your iPad was made?  You might know it was made in China, but by who?

Foxconn is the largest maker of Apple products.  We here at Kid Friday always thought that it looked cool seeing that your Apple device was “Designed in California”.  Perhaps Apple engineers were inspired by the sun to design great products.  We don’t live in California, but the name gives a perceived “coolness” to everything they produce.

Designing a product is one thing, but making it is another.  Kid Friday’s own Dave Swerdlick has been to Shenzhen, home to Foxconn.  He traveled from Hong Kong to Guangzhou..  Right in the middle sits Shenzhen, the electronics capital of China.

So why go all the way to China to make an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, just about any Apple product?  Because according to the New York Times, the average Foxconn employee is paid $2.50 an hour.  Much less than most places around the world.

Anyway, it is very rare to get an inside peak where a lot of  Apple products are made.

We highly recommend taking a look at the ABC Television exclusive: Apple Foxconn Inside Look