App Alert: The Best iPad App Now Available For iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’ve ever used this app before on an iPad, you know just how good it is. KidFriday has loved every page turn, every image, and every story a little bit more when it’s on Flipboard. Now it is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Wow. If you don’t know what Flipboard is or haven’t tried it yet, get it now. It’s so much easier to see how it works than us trying to explain it here. Flipboard confirms why there will be no more paper magazines in our future and why an actual printed newspaper doesn’t have a chance. While you’re trying it out, go ahead and add KidFriday. It even makes us look better! Grab your favorite websites and put them together in one beautiful package. You might even make room on your most prized “home” page for it. Better start thinking about which app you’re going to bump off.