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Apps, Websites, Fun! 197 – It’s Not Easy Getting An iPhone 6

New Seaworld Kids Apps, including – Penguin’s Playground, Polar Bear Playground, and Baby Animals: Cute and Cuddly Animal Babies. Trivia Crack app, We got new iPhone’s and an iPhone 6 Plus and talk Slate Gray and Gold colors. You’ll learn about how difficult it was to get the phones. Had to go to Verizon Store, Target, and Best Buy to get it all done. Extra Charges include: Plan Access Fee, Line Access Fee, and Activation Fees. New iPhone 6 cases, iPhone Mini rumors. A $6,000 Smartphone, Viewer E-Mail and Zoe goes to the Hospital, and the most expensive car license plate ever. Cyber Monday results, and more. Don’t forget all the random stuff, too.

Apps, Websites, Fun! 193 – No More Fart Apps

SeaWorld Kids Apps, iPhone 6, iOS 8, Wipreout App, Chromebooks, Wipreout App, Plastc Credit Card, Fart Apps, New iPad and Macbook Announcements, Middle School, Door Knobs…and a whole lot more.

Kid Friday 188 – Hannah Hates Everything

iOS 7.1, Sneak Peak at iOS 8, iPhone 5C price drop outside the U.S., Twitter, ToneFone, Sony Smartwatch 2, Motorolla Moto 360 Watch, NailSnaps, Starbucks App, Kohler Shower Speaker, and a whole lot more.


Apps, Websites, Fun! 179 – You Can’t Get Everything On Amazon

Black Friday recovery, Mall of America, Funny Movie Maker app, iTube app, Amazon Drone, Spotify, iTunes, Annoying Orange, plus a whole lot more.