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Apps, Websites, Fun! 197 – It’s Not Easy Getting An iPhone 6

New Seaworld Kids Apps, including – Penguin’s Playground, Polar Bear Playground, and Baby Animals: Cute and Cuddly Animal Babies. Trivia Crack app, We got new iPhone’s and an iPhone 6 Plus and talk Slate Gray and Gold colors. You’ll learn about how difficult it was to get the phones. Had to go to Verizon Store, Target, and Best Buy to get it all done. Extra Charges include: Plan Access Fee, Line Access Fee, and Activation Fees. New iPhone 6 cases, iPhone Mini rumors. A $6,000 Smartphone, Viewer E-Mail and Zoe goes to the Hospital, and the most expensive car license plate ever. Cyber Monday results, and more. Don’t forget all the random stuff, too.

Best Buy Discounts iPad 2 As iPad 3 Gets Ready For Release

Best Buy Discounts iPad 2 As iPad 3 Gets Ready For Release

Alright Kid Friday peeps.  According to CNET, the iPad 3 may already be in the United States.

It’s probably more exciting news for our U.S. listeners/readers, so sorry to rub it in for all you kids who live elsewhere around the world.

A shipping document revealed by Chinese forum site WeiPhone (English translation) allegedly details iPad 3 units hopping on board flights from China yesterday bound for airports in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

As translated by 9to5Mac, the report shows that initial deliveries from Apple supplier Foxconn to the U.S. will begin March 9. To no surprise, the shipments are said to be under tight security.

“In order to prevent the cargo from being dragged on the airport ramp for too long, as well as shortening the time the cargo stay on the airport ramp, we hereby require XXXX to schedule all the XXX cargo planes from Feb. 26 to Mar. 9. to XXX slot,” according to a translation of the shipping document offered by a Chinese-speaking 9to5Mac reader.

The iPad3 is most certainly coming soon, which means the iPad 2 is already considered old technology.

What do you do with old technology?  You put it on sale!

You can now get $50 off the iPad 2 at Best Buy.  They have all models currently discounted.

We here at Kid Friday think the real “best buy” is to wait for the iPad3.

The Return Of The Catalog Showroom Compliments Of Amazon

Today Amazon Will Give You  To Use PriceCheck and Screw Local Retailers | TechCrunch

Today only, Amazon has got a pretty good deal lined up. Use the PriceCheck mobile app and get 5% off your purchase, up to $5 at a time, as many as 3 times. Amazon wants you to start using retail stores as more of a catalog showroom. A store where you can look, touch, and sometimes even try an item you are interested in, then order it. In a traditional catalog showroom, you place the order at the store, and then your item is shipped out to you. Some catalog showrooms have actual in-house inventory that they keep in the back. You go to an order desk and then in a few minutes, your item is available for in-store pickup. The Amazon model is a little different. They want you to go to a local retailer, use the PriceCheck app, and order on Amazon, which they hope offers a better deal. Retailers like Best Buy are already used to customers pulling out their mobile phones and scanning in the stores. There are QR codes next to many items they sell. The difference is that the QR code supplies you with more information about the product, and Best Buy hopes this will help make a sale. However, the Amazon PriceCheck app is meant to scan a UPC, or as some people know it, a “barcode”. In order to scan the UPC barcode, you must find a retail box or packaging and scan the code. Yes, just like your local Target, Wal-mart, or grocery store.

If enough people start scanning barcodes with apps like this, then how long will it be until retailers like Best Buy start keeping all their inventory in the back, except for a “floor model”. They already do this with TV’s, computers, and home theater receivers. Have you ever tried to scan a UPC barcode on one of those items? You can’t! There is no retail box to scan! They’re in the “back”! When will they start doing the same thing to mobile phone cases, video games, and DVD’s? But the Amazon App can also use images and voice. How do you combat this? With exclusive in-store model numbers and retail signs that block enough of the item that the app cannot recognize it. Perhaps a bright yellow and black “sale” sign taped across an item? Hey, that would probably work! Retailers like Best Buy want a buffer between you and your Amazon PriceCheck app. In a twist of fate, this could actually revive the catalog showroom. O.K. maybe not. But as far as price comparison apps, this could be the real game changer. Better prices for consumers? You bet. One final thought. The local Best Buy location where KidFriday shops was previously a catalog showroom. What goes around, comes around.