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Apps, Websites, Fun! 211 – Don’t Steal Toilet Paper

iOS Update, New CarPlay features, Zinio App, Stealing Toilet Paper, Vinyl Records, Movie Theaters and a whole lot more.

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Kid Friday 189 – Gimmee Google Glasses – April 17th, 2014

Saving battery life on your iPhone, iPhone 6, Google Glasses, Best Free iPad Apps, and a whole lot more.

Here you go…70 best free iPad games 2014

Kid Friday is hosted by 13 year-old Zoe, 15 year-old Hannah, Dave, and at times, Winston from PoochCam.com
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Show 180 – Best Apple Tip Ever

TimerCamera App, SheepLauncher App, Scooter XL App, Starbucks App, GS Preschool Games App, Funny Movie Maker App, FaceStealer App, Metronome App, and a whole bunch more. Plus our best iPhone, iPad tip ever.

Apps, Websites, Fun! 175 – Your Cupholder Is About To Get Lucky

iPhone 5C best app, Playstation beats up XBox, New,iPads on the way, GameStop Black Friday deals, KFC Go Cup, PoochCam in the green-room, the first computer mouse, Sony Android,watch, Flipcase app, Stresscheck app, how to make froth, HTC One Max Android phone, and a whole lot more.

You’re a Kid In A Digital World ℠, so why don’t you learn something. 

Apps, Websites, Fun! 169 – Who Needs A Smartwatch

Click the pooch to play this show!

Click the pooch to play this show!

Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch, Tech in School, New iPhone, IOS 7, The Space Needle, Stratosphere Roller Coaster,Las Vegas, Siri, Sky Jump, Vine, Apple, Hard Reset, listener email and a whole lot more.

Apps, Websites, Fun! 167 – Who Needs A Watch

Click the pooch to play this show!

Click the pooch to play this show!

Squaready app, Tugg.com, One direction movie, Smartwatches, Sony smart watch 2, Samsung smart watch, Hot smart watch , YouTube , iPhone 5S, PoochCam, and a whole lots more.

You’re a Kid In A Digital World℠

We talk technology but always end up somewhere else…

Kid Friday™ is hosted by 15 year-old Hannah, 12 year-old Zoe, Dave, and Winston the pooch.

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Kid Friday 166 – Tap Tap Dad!

Click the pooch to play this show!

Click the pooch to play this show!

Beso App, Split Pic App, Secret Box App, Tunein Radio, Spotify, Map My Ride App, How Google got it’s name, PoochCam, and a whole lot more including email from viewers just like YOU.