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Apps, Websites, Fun! 173 – Mayday Tablet Emergency

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iOS 7 is making people dizzy and we’ll show you how to fix it, a couple of 6-year old girls rack up a large bill playing on the iPad, Amazon‘s new Kindle HDX tablet that includes an extra-special feature, YouTube Music Awards show, and a whole lot more.

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Target Stores Stop Selling Amazon Kindle

Target Stores Stops Selling Amazon Kindle

Target, signaling its growing irritation with its rival Amazon, announced on Wednesday that it would stop selling the online retailer’s Kindle e-readers.

Target, with almost 1,800 stores, is one of the bigger carriers of Kindles in the offline world, though most of the devices are sold at Amazon’s Web site.

Like other big retailers, Target has been trying to figure out how to stop Amazon shoppers from visiting Target stores to check out products, and then buy them online from Amazon.

Target dropping the Kindle, of course, won’t stop Amazon shoppers from checking out other products at Target, but analysts said it would send a message to Amazon about Target’s alliances. Target, for example, will continue to carry Apple’s iPad, Ms. Snyder said, and it is testing expanded displays of Apple products. Target will also sell other e-readers and accessories, from Barnes & Noble’s Nook to rather obscure ones like the Aluratek Libre.

Starting at $79, and selling at $199 for a color version, the Kindle is the dominant e-reader in the market, although Amazon does not release sales figures.

via Target, Upset With Amazon, Will Stop Selling Kindles – NYTimes.com.

Hey Kids, Be Careful Clicking Your Kindle!

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, one of the hottest gadgets this holiday season because of its low price, has some parents bristling over the simplicity at which children can order from the retail giant and the inability to stop them without crippling the device.

Another concern is over theft or losing the device, which can be then easily be accessed for purchases unless a user sets a password to lock the screen when it’s not in use.

What happens is that when you order a Kindle Fire – which differs from the Kindle reader by allowing users to browse the web, play games, video and music – it comes with your Amazon account information preloaded, along with “1-Click” ordering. That means anyone who is holding that device can place an order, whether it’s their account or not. No prompts come up to confirm the purchase or ask for a password.

So that means that the itchy fingers of toddlers can click way, including the 3-year-old daughter of Scenic Labs founder Jason Rosenfeld. He says his daughter was using the device and clicked on an image of a children’s product that appeared on the screen because it was in his shopping history — he had browsed the item while holiday shopping on his PC.

Source: Yahoo!