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Viewed in over 200 countries, coverage includes websites, apps, gadgets, and current events.

kid friday and webkinz webcast podcast host dave swerdlick

Hosted by Dave Swerdlick, special guests usually join him, in studio.

Dave’s early background includes working in radio, as an on-air personality. He quickly became the countries youngest Program Director in commercial radio.

Dave was also an early adopter in podcasting, with an idea for a family project he started with his two young daughters, Hannah (8) and Zoe (6).

He let them pick the subject. Anything they wanted. They chose Webkinz.

The “Webkinz Webcast” was launched September 23rd, 2007 and became and instant hit.

Children's Former podcast, hte "Webkinz Webcast"

The Webkinz Webcast Logo.

Hannah and Zoe Swerdlick from the Webkinz Webcast with their dad, Dave

Photo: Minnesota Business Magazine: From an article about Dave and how he monetized podcasting with the “Webkinz Webcast”.

After 110 episodes of the “Webkinz Webcast”, the girls were ready to move on.

So they started a new podcast: “Kid Friday”.

Kid Friday Staff

Dave, Hannah and Zoe – Studio 1A

Kid Friday viewers are informed about the latest tech, but often find the subject matter getting off track. Other topics discussed may include, movies, TV shows, music, or anything random (think rotisserie chicken).

Hannah is now in college, while Zoe is a busy high school student.
Zoe Margo "Pookie" Swerdlick and Hannah Swerdlick

Dave Swerdlick of the Kid Friday Podcast

Dave continues to produce Kid Friday, and it remains one of the most-viewed podcasts on the iTunes “Kids and Family” Video podcast chart.

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