A $300,000 Hamburger?


Scientists have long agreed that farming methods for breeding animals has not been able to keep up with the demand for meat, and that our current path is likely unsustainable. What this means is that sooner or later, there simply won’t be enough meat to fill demand, and also, that the environmental toll on raising so many animals will place strain on the Earth in other ways.

Of course, one solution would be to eat less meat, but the more obvious one, apparently, is to produce in vitro, or lab grown meat (meaning that it was never part of a living animal). Various scientists have been working on this project for a while now, but one researcher, at Maastricht University in the Netherlands has managed to produce a 2-centimeter by 1.5-centimeter piece of muscle in a lab, bringing new hope to the project.

via Scientists working on lab-grown, $300,000 hamburger | The Verge.