App Alert: Rescue Smurfs FREE!

Just Released Today.  Brand New!  (Sorry, Smurf dog not included)

Naught Gargamels is coming out to capture smurfs for their blue blood. In order to stop them and rescue smurfs, you have to give their head a knock, simple and rude!

In each level, you shall not miss certain quantity of Gargamels. If you miss that number, you cannot level up. And be careful! Smurfs can not be hitted, otherwise your score will be decreased.

There are 8 levels in all. The wooden hole will get more and the speed will be faster. You have to pass the level one by one.

Quick of eye and deft of hand, hit Gargamels and rescue smurfs. Well made images and relax background music are chosen for each level. You’ll love this game!

Get your hands on the FREE app HERE