Exclusive: The Best Free App To Keep Track Of Gift Cards This Christmas

There is an app that you should get now.  This way you’ll be prepared to track all those gift cards you are about to receive.  We’re trying to think positive here, so we at least hope you get one.

Gift cards are extremely popular, probably because it has become the gift of lazy people.  They’re available everywhere and you don’t  have to schlep down endless aisles searching for the perfect gift that will probably end up in the return pile.  Plus, it takes less than 2 minutes to get.

So let’s assume you’re going to get a few gift cards yourself this holiday season.  You should keep track of them.  A Consumer Reports poll said 25 percent of people still have at least one unused gift card hanging around since last Christmas.

There are lots of apps available to help you keep track of gift cards.  The truth is, most stink.  To save time, we’ll skip telling you all the bad stuff and instead tell you about one that we recommend.

Track My Coupons – Coupon Organizer and Reminder

The title of this app is a little misleading.  Yes, you can use it for coupons, but it works great with gift cards.  The app is free and allows you to input up to 5 gift cards.  If you somehow hit the jackpot and get more than 5, you can upgrade to unlimited for $1.99.  Some of our favorite features include the ability to select from over 5,000 retailers to quickly get your card information into the app, and the ability to set an alert if one of your cards is about to expire.

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KidFriday also recommends that you check your STATE LAWS regarding gift card expiration dates.