You’re Never Too Old For A $300 All Terrain Dually Tricycle

This is the child’s tricycle that rides over any terrain. Similar in design to “duallies”-trucks with twin sets of rear wheels for providing stability under heavy loads-its 16″ front wheel and twin sets of dual 10 1/2″ diameter rear wheels make easy work of gravel, snow, grass, mud, or uneven sidewalks. The wheels’ tubeless 2- and 4-ply rubber tires smooth out bumps and ensure reliable traction with knobby, deep treads. Ideal as a child’s first outdoor tricycle, its handlebars and adjustable padded seat adapt to growing youngsters-the seat sits above the rear wheels and slightly below the front wheel for optimal foot placement on the pedals.

via The All Terrain Dually Tricycle – Hammacher Schlemmer.