KidFriday’s Holiday Wish List: Sonos, iPad2, And Cell Phones

The KidFriday Kids may have a small list this year, but the stuff they want isn’t cheap.  13-year-old Hannah would love to get a Sonos Play:3 ($299).  It’s a wireless speaker system that sounds solid, and doesn’t take up much room.  Here’s how it works;  She actually needs to get a Bridge ($49) for starters.  You have to hook the bridge up to your wireless router .  Ours is located in the family room.  Done.  Then it’s placing the speaker anywhere you want, anywhere in the house.  Hannah would like a Sonos in her bedroom.   The Sonos Play:3 is small and can fit in tight spaces, allowing many placement options.  If you have the room, you can opt for the larger Play:5 ($399).  With the Bridge hooked up and the Play:3 plugged into an ac outlet, you can now stream music from a computer, iPod,  phone, or anything else that shares your wifi.  What makes this even more interesting is that you can add more speakers, anywhere you want in the house and  stream music wirelessly to them too, as long as the wifi connects.   Oh, and Hannah wouldn’t mind someone throwing in the latest iPhone.

Zoe.  iPad2.  She wants one just like you.  That is if you don’t already own one.  White, 16g.  Yes, there are other tablets out there, but none as nice as the iPad.  If you’re going to ask for something, you might as well ask for the best.  Then again, maybe not every time.   Like Hannah, Zoe also wants a phone.  Not necessarily an iPhone, but any phone.  Her first phone.  She’s playing this one smart.  You see, Zoe is 10, and dreams of the day when she can walk out the front door with a cell phone she can call her very own.  She’s not really interested in all the features, except for the one that shows her exclusive cell number.  Her new identity.  No more using mom’s phone ever again.  But be careful. Once you get your first cell phone, there’s no turning back.   When that day finally arrives, it will probably go something like this;   First she’ll say to mom “I’ll call you later”.  Then she’ll forget to call.

Hope you get something on your wish list.  Good luck!