Alert: KidFriday Host Has “EarWorm”

Well it probably has happened to you, and now we officially confirm it in our very own home. Kid Friday’s co-host, 10-year old Zoe has a case of Earworm.  What is Earworm?  Wikipedia, refers to it as “Music being stuck in one’s head.” In an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob has a song stuck in his head that interrupts his day until Sandy Cheeks tries to find a way to get the worm out of his head. Sandy says “someone with musical talent” can cure him (in this case, Squidward). Squidward starts playing his clarinet. The Earworm gets annoyed and leaves. Squidward is then shown in bed, praising himself. The Earworm comes and goes into Squidward, and now Squidward has the Earworm (with his song, not Spongebob’s). We’re working hard to get the Earworm out of Zoe’s head. Listen for an update on the next Kid Friday Podcast.