Kid Friday – 30 Best iPad Games

Wondering which games to buy for your iPad? Well, we’ve taken our best shot at putting together a list of top titles that we feel meet the criteria for a good iPad game.

And just what does make a good iPad game? We debated it for a while and narrowed it down to these five factors:

It’s gotta be fun (obviously).

Ergonomics (are the gameplay and control scheme well-suited to the iPad?)

Uniqueness (though many iPad games play well as upconverted, higher-resolution versions of their iPhone predecessors, we respect new, iPad-exclusive games).

Value (some of the best iPad games currently carry high price tags, but we also tried to include titles we thought were simply a good value).

Show-off quotient (extra points if the game flat-out looks good).

via 30 best iPad games | iPad Atlas – CNET Reviews.

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